Lay Bare Sugar Wax Jelly Now Selling on Amazon

Lay Bare is hair removal that is gentle on your skin and your budget.  We specialize in the use of ALL-NATURAL, cold sugar wax jelly or what is more commonly known as Sugaring in the United States.  We are the FIRST and the BIGGEST hair removal salon chain in the Philippines with over 130 locations nationwide.  We also have branches in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and are very excited to expand our brand in the United States.

Due to covid19 and our Los Angeles store still being closed for a total of 5 plus months, we had to quickly pivot and come up with ways to take care of our clients even while we were closed.  It was logical to start selling our sugar wax and teach them how to sugar at home.

Now you may enjoy the same and see how we became number 1 hair removal salon in the Philippines and still as strong as ever after 14 years.  In time we hope to serve you in person.  Our goal is to make the world hair-free, one city at a time.  Thank you and hope you grab your own jar soon either on Amazon, Etsy or our very own site:

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