Laybarequeenbee Back Story

Thank you for visiting our store! My name is Fiona Hilario aka Laybarequeenbee.  I earned this title for being one of the co-founders of Lay Bare Waxing Salon.  Lay Bare is hair removal that's gentle on your skin and your budget. We specialize in the use of all-natural, cold sugar wax jelly or what is known as Sugaring here in the United States. We are the FIRST and the LARGEST hair removal chain in the Philippines with over 130 locations nationwide.  Lay Bare first opened in Los Angeles in July 2012 and our newly opened Las Vegas store has been operating since January 2020.

Laybarequeenbee originally started as a platform to sell our Lay Bare retail products to a broader audience.  Our products are FDA-approved, paraben-free (except for the lightening ones) and dermatologist-tested and of course proudly Philippine-made!

We had 3 "why's" for starting Lay Bare 14 years ago:

1.  To be able to care for our family - I'm a single mom to a 17-year old daughter and it's been just her and I since conception <3 She's an amazing kid and she's helped me run Lay Bare and other spin-off businesses that sprung out of it like this!

2.  We wanted to promote local jobs for Pinays to stay with their families in the Philippines instead of working abroad.  You may already know that the Philippines is the biggest exporter of domestic helpers, caregivers, and nurses.  Filipino Mothers leave their husbands and kids to be able to create a life for them but away from them.  Lay Bare wanted to provide sustainable jobs so Mothers won't have to be away from their loved ones.

3.  Filipinos are known to be skilled workers and never as successful Entrepreneurs and we wanted to change that.  With almost 150 locations in two countries by the end of 2020, this makes Lay Bare the biggest Sugaring salon chain in the world.  Maybe this will make the world believe that Filipinos are also excellent in business.

We are very excited to expand our brand in California and Nevada, the rest of the United States and later the world!  Our services and products will always be gentle on your skin and your budget. Since it may take a while for us to get into your neighborhood, please try our products and find out why how we earned our Number 1 status in the Philippines :)

Aside from offering Lay Bare products to you, my daughter and I have traveled quite a bit and through our travels mostly, we have found some things are essential and yet hard to find!  We have made this process easier for you by making these items available on our site.  Please check back regularly as we add products frequently!  And the best is yet to come!

Thank you very much for your support! Love from Los Angeles!



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