My 2 Anti-Aiging Must-Haves

I am a late bloomer and I did not religiously start applying moisturizer or sunscreen on my face until my 40th birthday.  I have always been a wash and go kind of gal since I was a teenager and this contributed to bad skin most of my life.

My teenage acne started early - I think as early as 10 years old as I was already getting facials at 11 years old.  My brother used to call me "pimple stalks" as there was hardly any room in my face for more except for my forehead and my chin - those two spots have always been clear.

I had super oily face and my dermatologist would always "command" me to wash my face at lunch time and I hardly every did out of laziness and the terribly packed ladies' room that was a big deterrent in my wanting to keep my face clean and oil-free.

I relied on monthly facials to get my skin clear at least a few days a week.  I went to the rounds of doing topical treatments and taking oral meds just to manage it and of course all that acne would not just go away without leaving permanent reminders.

Fast forward to my 20s...I got rid of the acne and in its place were nasty, deep and wide acne scars.  I tried getting rid of them with dermabrasion, collagen injections, peels, laser, micro-needling, vampire facials - you name it!  I have spent a huge fortune on my face to say the least!

Again fast forward to October 2018, I learned of Asea and started using the Asea Renu 28 Gel on my face and neck.  I was soooooo amazed to see that after just 30 days, my acne scars had improved considerably.  I have been using is since.  And then, I discovered Skleer Gel maybe a year later.  It supposed to be the gel used after a treatment procedure and it cures all skin blemishes.  So I started using it and saw that it worked even better on my fine lines.

Now I used these two products in tandem:

Asea Renu 28 - for acne scars and tightening of the skin

Skleer - for fine lines and wrinkles

I wish I had discovered these two products a decade ago...maybe I would be looking half my real age by now :)

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