Wanted: Perfect Brows

I have always been obsessed with my eyebrows as I was born with a thin, sparse pair that's really challenging groom and shape.

To make them look presentable, I tried shaving, plucking, threading, tinting, and even went extreme and did microblading and having them tattooed.

For those of your unfamiliar with the last two procedures of microblading and getting the tattooed, please note that not all eyebrows are made equal.  Some will take to it very naturally and last years, and some like mine will only stick for a couple of months tops.

I have read numerous reviews about microblading prior to actually getting it done but nobody ever told me that if you are a bleeder, the ink will just not stick.  I bled the whole way through and although the pain was tolerable, I ended up with a chunk of thick dried blood as eyebrows for a week.  The tattoo process was all the more traumatic and I had tears flowing down my cheeks the whole time.  These tattoo artists are paid by the hour so they don't really give time for the anesthesia to actually take effect. 

I also learned that if you take vitamins, you become an even bigger bleeder and that you're supposed to stop taking them 2 weeks prior to getting the procedure done.  Too much trouble for the sake of perfect brows if you ask me especially since I can't go a day without my vitamins.

So I just gave up and went back to drawing my eyebrows.  I love Lay Bare's WOW Brows not only because we own the product but because after searching for decades for what our brows needed, our team came up with the perfect pencil!  It comes in two shades: Chocolate (brown) and Cinnamon (light brown), just the right chisel tip and an amazing brush that smoothens everything in place.  Our clients rave about it and have compared it to very expensive eyebrow pencils too at half the price!

In the era of post covid, eyebrows have become more important as that's the only feature left to see on our faces.  Isn't it time you have perfect brows too?


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